Module tvix_eval::builtins

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This module implements the builtins exposed in the Nix language.

See //tvix/eval/docs/ for a some context on the available builtins in Nix.




  • Internal helper function for genericClosure, determining whether a value has been seen before.
  • Coerce a Nix Value to a plain path, e.g. in order to access the file it points to via either builtins.toPath or an impure builtin. This coercion can never be performed in a Nix program without using builtins (i.e. the trick path: /. + path to convert from a string to a path wouldn’t hit this code).
  • Return all impure builtins, that is all builtins which may perform I/O outside of the VM and so cannot be used in all contexts (e.g. WASM).
  • The set of standard pure builtins in Nix, mostly concerned with data structure manipulation (string, attrs, list, etc. functions).